How will you remember your family home?

6th February 2015

When you move on from a long-term family home how do you take a physical memory of it with you? Memories of a place - the local walks, where your friends live, a favourite viewpoint - these are pieces of our lives that matter, memories with 3 dimensions, yet how can we encapusulate them in an object we can pick up and touch? This is the essence of a Contour Box.

The Purvis' are moving from Crowborough to be nearer their children after over 30 years in one family home, from a place that will always be a part of them. However in looking for something commemorative – an heirloom perhaps – to transport them back to all those happy memories they had few options: to commission a painting of the house, or to buy an aerial photograph.

Luckily for me they saw my Contour Boxes at a Craft Guild show at Pashley Manor in Sussex and quickly saw the fascination of being able to hold a familiar landscape in their hands, to trace their steps and reminisce. All I needed to know was where the house was - a postcode.

A few weeks after showing them a graphic model of how their Contour Box would look, it was sitting pride of place on the mantelpiece in their new home in the form of a sculpted oak box. Amongst the contours of ‘their’ landscape' precisely replicated on the lid, is a solid silver dot marking the spot exactly where the family lived. Most surprising to them was the shape of the landscape they had been living in which they had never seen before. A constant reminder of happy times in 3 dimensions

To see your own landscape looks like contact me for a free visual.